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Dr. Tony Coats, D.C.

Dr. Tony Coats, DC

Dr. Tony Coats found his appreciation for chiropractic care early on in life.  As a high level athlete in the Seattle area, Tony benefited from chiropractic treatment to maintain his mobility and alleviate pain while playing football.  Throughout his time as an All-American at the University of Washington and even into his NFL Career with the Cincinnati Bengals, Tony’s appreciation for the benefits of chiropractic treatment only increased.

As his NFL career came to an end, Tony decided to pursue his passion for healing those in pain and attained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose, CA.  Upon graduating Dr. Coats began private practice in Los Gatos, CA and continued for 10 years treating both athletes and many others with injury, pain or who simply wanted to improve their mobility.

Beyond Private Practice…

During his time in Los Gatos, Dr. Coats was very involved in supporting and protecting young athletes.  In addition to being the team doctor for a local high school, Tony was actively involved in concussion education and taught classes in mobility, self-care myofascial release and stretching in schools and at gyms across the area.

In 2015, the opportunity arose for Tony and his family to move closer to their family in the Northwest.  With his wife and two kids they moved to West Linn, and have quickly become part of the community there.  For the past 2+ years Dr. Coats has continued to treat all types of patients from high-performance athletes to auto accident victims and all kinds of neck and spinal injuries.  With additional training from a well respected and highly experienced cervical specialist, Dr. Coats has developed additional skills for precision adjustments that treat misalignment in the neck and back with precision down to the millimeter.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, want to maintain high performance levels, or simply need regular adjustments to keep your body functioning at its best, Dr. Coats will treat you with the attention and customized treatment plan you need and deserve.

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