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The Coats Chiropractic Difference

A Customized Approach

Many chiropractic patients can relate to feeling like a number and not a person.  When an office is too busy to investigate your unique symptoms and goals then it isn’t giving you the treatment you deserve.  From your first appointment, Dr. Coats will take the time to truly understand why you are there and will take a detailed approach to evaluating x-rays and other data points to identify the treatment that will bring you the best results.

At Coats Chiropractic each patient receives a custom treatment plan and a combination of therapies specifically designed to provide immediate relief along with long-term improvement of mobility and a reduction of pain.  In addition to traditional adjustments, we utilize a precision tuned adjustment tool for challenging cases including those with fragile bone structures, specific cervical regions that need attention, or simply patients who are unable to relax during the more commonly used manual adjustments.

Respect for the Patient

Patients come first at Coats Chiropractic.  We are located in a brand new facility with a lobby and waiting area designed for your comfort.  But don’t get too comfortable because we also value your time!  Our goal is to see every patient within 10 minutes of their scheduled appointment time.  Unlike many doctors who seem to think you can wait forever, we know you have a life to get back to and we respect that.

Our online scheduling system puts you in control of when you want to be treated.  You can make changes or even cancel if you need to, and can reserve the best time for you up to 3 months in advance.  We even allow for last-minute bookings up to the afternoon before an open appointment window.

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