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Symptoms We Treat

Chiropractic care is an important therapy with many different benefits.  From alleviating the pain due to injury or misalignment of the joints  to improving mobility and maintaining optimal body balance and performance, there are many benefits to what we do.  Below are some of the more common symptoms and complaints we treat on a regular basis.

Treating Back Pain


One of the most common complaints our patients have is generalized or specific back pain.  All human joints deteriorate over time, and the stresses and strains put on them by work and other movements can accelerate that process.  Often when spinal joints are misaligned the result is nerve pain that can occur in the back and also affect many other areas of the body.

By using high resolution X-rays along with personal consultation, we are able to identify likely causes for your back pain and offer a number of effective treatments to reduce or even eliminate it.  Chiropractic adjustments help put all of your joints back in alignment and can also prevent problems with your walk and balance which put pressure on joints and muscles.  Heat treatments and electronic nerve stimulation (TENS) can relax muscles and also work to interfere with pain signals sent to your brain.

Whatever the cause of your back pain, we will take the approach most likely to help reduce it.

Neck Pain

Whether your neck pain is due to an auto accident, other injury or simply cervical joint issues, chiropractic care is often an excellent treatment for neck pain.  When cervical joints are aligned properly, it can reduce nerve pain signals, alleviate muscle tension and lead to a significant reduction in pain.

Neck pain often leads to other problems like trouble sleeping, maintaining a comfortable position at work and can be a cause of headaches or migraines.  Therefore it is important to treat it at the source, which will often improve these other symptoms and challenges.

With our precision approach, we are able to analyze x-rays to determine exactly where problematic misalignments are occurring and adjust them within a millimeter using the latest tools and techniques.

Headaches and Migraines


One frequent cause of headaches and migraines is a combination of nerve pain signals and muscle strain that can be affected by musculoskeletal alignment issues.  In conjunction with other treatments, chiropractic care can be a major help in reducing the frequency and severity of headaches.

Our precision approach uses x-rays to identify the most likely problematic areas and to affect a precision re-alignment of the cervical and spinal vertebrae to help relieve the strain and pain which can trigger frequent headaches.  Another benefit is an improved range of motion and the relaxation of key muscles which support the neck, all of which can often lead to a reduction in headaches and migraines.

If you would like to explore how chiropractic care could reduce or eliminate your headaches, please schedule an appointment below.

Auto Accident / Collisions


Car crashes are a leading cause of both mild and severe back and neck pain.  Even a minor accident can cause a major jolt to your skeletal system due to rapid acceleration and impact with the seat or the steering wheel.  These impacts can cause painful misalignments in your spine which can lead to sharp pain, muscle soreness or even shooting pain to other extremities.

Fortunately with a combination of chiropractic treatments and other therapies, the severity and duration of the pain can often be dramatically decreased.  It is also important to understand that medical care related to an auto accident is typically fully covered by the auto insurance of the responsible party.

Don’t put your car in the body shop and neglect the most important body, yours!  We have many appointments available within as little as one day, and we are able to directly bill your auto-insurance for all accident-related care.

To get started, simply book your appointment below…

Work Injury / Slip and Fall


Whether you work in a dangerous or strenuous job, or simply slip on your way out of the office, workplace injuries are common and can be very disruptive.  Back and neck pain, joint and leg issues can all interfere with your ability to complete your job and focus on the task at hand.  Thanks to improved laws, workers comp insurance is required by all employers in Oregon.

If you has a work-related accident that is causing you pain or discomfort, please consider Coats Chiropractic to help get you back to 100%.  Spinal and cervical adjustments as well as heat therapy and targeted stretching can greatly reduce your pain and the time it takes to get back to work.

As a courtesy to our patients, we bill all workers comp claims directly on your behalf so that there is often no out-of-pocket expense.  If you have a new or nagging work injury, please use the button below to schedule yout appointment and get on the way towards recovery.

Sports Injury / Performance Enhancement / Injury Prevention


Participating in competitive sports is one of the most rewarding and healthy activities around.  Unfortunately, it can also lead to injury that can affect your athletic and personal life.  Dr. Coats knows first hand how helpful chiropractic care is for athletes at all levels.  He benefitted from regular care as a college and professional football player, and that inspired him to become a Chiropractor himself.

One of the best ways to prevent sports injury is to ensure that your joints and back are aligned and in balance.   Regular chiropractic adjustments can support your alignment and also help to improve flexibility and performance.  When injury does occur, treatment is helpful to ensure that an athlete doesn’t compensate for one injury and cause another.

Whether you have a current issue that needs addressed, or understand the benefit of keeping your body finely tuned for performance, Coats Chiropractic is ready to help.  Please use the link below to schedule your first appointment, we look forward to helping you reach your athletic goals!

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